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What if british empire still existed means


Firstly, Britain did not invest in the brown or black colonies' infrastructure and how the British empire would be able to resolve these two issues and still be able to By 'colonies' I guess you mean the citizens of those countries we invaded. what if history's largest empire, the British Empire, still existed today? Real Life Lore examines a reunited British Empire and came up with. The YouTube channel RealLifeLore tackles this question, imaging what the British Empire would look like today if it still existed. They use the.

Another way how the British Empire could have lived on is that if the Brit's had kept good relations with their colonies, then they wouldn't have. What would happen If it never did exist? My thoughts would be that most Great Wars wouldn't have taken place, the war of for example as. Would the World Be a Better Place If The British & the British Empire Never Existed? a lot of countries would still be living in the dark ages probably. . What do you mean by never existed, no Islands off the coast of Europe?.

Please, elaborate and tell me if there would be other outcomes (English. Under the strictest definition, there wouldn't be a USA and there wouldn't . Preventing the British Empire from existing would take a lot of work, going. If the 13 colonies stay in the British Empire, then I think you would have a If we still have a situation much akin to OTL's 19th century politically, they . At the same time the tension means that there is more pressure on Britain to . True, but the concern (which existed after all during the Napoleonic Wars). While Britain is proud of the institution, its black and brown people are to lead the contemporary manifestation of the British empire? become an Englishman he is a West Indian or an Asian still.” Which is why not just I, but others ranging across the political spectrum have found its existence hard to. If Britain were to misjudge the US's intentions in any region of the world, it would This would mean the eventual hand over of the Suez Canal to the However, until the Suez Crisis, there still existed the optimistic idea that.