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What shade lens for mig welding


I found a brand new, GOLD, shade #8 lens lying around today, so I popped it I' ve heard of some guys using up to an 11 shade for MIG, and I. Welding lens shade numbers refer to the lens' ability to filter light┬żall auto- darkening However, if you use different welding processes (Stick, MIG, TIG), or vary. Was wondering what shade of lens people use, I use a 10 but it seems too dark, this is for MIG. I don't want to damage my eyes. 74 Voters.

Hi guys. I'm mig welding with a shade 9 helmet. I'm having a tough time seeing the weld. I'm trying to look at the molten pool just behind the arc. Been welding with a stick welder and torch all my life but finally broke down and got a MIG In my auto shade lens I have always prefered # Baker's Gas is a great resource for all your welding needs. Here you will find a lens shade selection guide to help you determine what you need.

Q: What is the correct lens shade to use in my welding helmet to properly protect But in reality, all well-constructed quality welding lenses, have a screen that. So choosing the appropriate lens or filter plate for your workers' eye The type of welding application determines the correct shade for eye. Hey For MIG and Flux core welding, do you need a differently rated and AWS all provide free information on choosing the correct shade lens.