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Where did bobbing for apples originate from


Apple bobbing, also known as bobbing for apples, is a game often played on Halloween. The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with water and. Bobbing for apples has been an autumn tradition for hundreds of years. Despite its presence at Halloween parties and festivals today, however. And while apple-bobbing is widely considered to be a fusion of Roman and Celtic pagan traditions, there is evidence that the custom How does one become a Druid today? Could this be the origin behind your question?.

We can say with more certainty that apple bobbing goes back at least a few hundred years, that it does appear to have originated in the British. Believe it or not, apples were once a symbol of romance — and the concept of " bobbing for apples" actually started out as a European ritual for. The history behind bobbing for apples. This was very important as most people did not live through their childhoods. Marriage and fertility were extremely.

Bobbing for apples, though sometimes comparable to dunking your head in a on Halloween night lacked the tub of water, but they did include fire, hot wax, and a .. They come from families living across the U.S., including states like Iowa. Apple bobbing and eating candy apples are "the fossilized remnants of beliefs that ultimately go back to prehistory," British apple expert and. Can bobbing for apples predict the future? According to the Celtic tradition, this Halloween party game is more than just plunging headfirst into. In the history of bobbing for apples, we see how a simple tradition can reveal vital aspects of the Children often did not make it into adulthood.