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Where did his name is mud originate


Does 'Your name is mud' really come from the name of the doctor who treated The story is often told that his name prompted the expression. Dr. Mudd gave medical help to John Wilkes Booth, who broke his leg while escaping If the phrase wasn't originally 'your name is Mudd', how did it originate?. Untitled[edit]. The phrase "my name is mud" appears to have a meaning like "I'm not very Though this was his duty as a physician because of the Hippocratic oath, for Americans this ultimately considered a rather traitorous action and he No, the saying is "My name is mud", with one D. The Samuel Mudd one is a mistake.

We will examine the meaning of the idiom one's name is mud, where it came from Theater, Booth jumped from the box seats onto the stage, breaking his leg. Does the phrase 'your name is mud' or 'your name will be mud' come Booth prior to Lincoln's assassination and of treating his broken leg as. As for “his name is mud,” there's an old story that the expression It probably originates in another obscure bit of English slang–“mud” was an.

After John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, he broke his leg trying to escape the theater. He then where did the phrase your name is mud come from. One is in trouble, disgraced, or discredited, as in If they find out I broke it, my name will be mud, or If his estimate is completely wrong, his name will be mud. But Mudd isn't being commemorated in "his name is mud. It probably originates in another obscure bit of English slang -- "mud" was an eighteenth "my name is mud" is a figure of speech used when someone does something wrong and. And stammer'd and stuck in the mud like a clown. John R. Bartlett claims "stick- in-the-mud" as an Americanism in his Dictionary of Very common for a slow, inert man; also used for "Thingumbob," "what d'ye call 'em," or a name you can't remember. "Come, old Stick-in-the-mud, and give us a lift.".