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Where is matt graham on dual survival


Matt is the Stone Age “shaman” of this duo and has more than two decades of experience living off the land. Matt went for a walk one day and ended up. Matt Graham is a specialist in "primitive skills" and a television personality who co -hosted the Discovery Channel reality show Dual Survival. Dual Survival is a cable television series that airs on the Discovery Channel. .. Teti and Matt Graham in their first episode together in Panama. 7 (40), "Mayan.

The former Dual Survival star announced on Facebook earlier this week that he has a new show coming to the Discovery Channel that pits. Joe Teti and Matt Graham are gone!! 'DUAL SURVIVAL' STAR JOE TETI ATTACKS DOG OVER CATASTROPHE One of the stars of. Dual Survival lasted for nine seasons and produced a total of 84 episodes . 9 Matt Graham Claimed To Have Been Cody's Teacher.

Matt Graham is an American Primitive survival expert who co-hosts Discovery Channel reality show "Dude,You're Screwed". He also co-hosted Dual Survival. Matt Graham was a climber and began studying primitive skills at age 17 in # bushcraft #survival #adventure #adventurerunning #knives #mattgraham from.