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Who issues birth certificates in pakistan movie


How to get Birth Certificate Pakistan:possible ways of obtaining a birth certificate in Pakistan is either the birth registration authority (mostly local Union Council). Birth Certificate Pakistan is online documents facilitation service in Pakistan. If you need any assistance in obtaining your required documents, please call us. Requirements: Duly filled and singed the birth certificate application. Original and copy of Pakistani passport and CNIC/NICOP and U.S/Pak Birth Certificate if.

Birth Certificate Pakistan is a vital record issued by a government authority that documents the birth of a child. In Pakistan, only NADRA Birth. Birth certificate is an official and very important document issued to record a person's birth. It is a proof of person's date, and place of birth. Birth certificate is nowadays computerized but it is not issued by NADRA for keeping the record of child's birth having Pakistani nationality.

(iii), Persons holding Naturalization Certificate issued under the Naturalizatio Act, . Also enclose copies of those childrens Birth Certificates/NICOP/Pakistan. Computerized birth certificates will be issued after the birth registration. Brig Moeen said Pakistan would have the world's biggest database.