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Dolphin 56 where are you


Dolphin 56 went missing this year, sparking a national watch for the year-old dolphin. "This is the first year in many years we haven't seen. Dolphin 56's history goes back to August 28, when he was captured along with five other dolphins near the NASA Causeway in the IRL. We caught five. The year-old dolphin has made his way from Fl. to N.J. every summer since ' This year, there's no sign of Dolphin

If you're in a boat on the Atlantic this summer and a dolphin with "56" branded on his dorsal fin swims up and starts doing tricks well, just sit. We caught five dolphins that day and assigned them the numbers 55, 56, 57, 58, and Dolphin 57 was female, the others were. The friendly dolphin, later identified as the famous Dolphin 56, swam over “We were coming in and we saw the dolphin with the boys, so we.

Dolphin 2K likes. 'Dolphin 56' is a male bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) that was freeze-branded in the Indian River Lagoon on the east.