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How do i hide balagog gro nolob


I must kill The Gourmet, who is actually an Orc named Balagog gro-Nolob. Once he's dead, I must steal his Writ of Passage. And, if I can manage to hide his body . Kill Balagog gro-Nolob in the cellar of the Nightgate Inn, and obtain the Bonus objective: Drag his body to a hiding place -- maybe to a dark. Balagog Gro Nolob is a non-playable character in the gaming world of Skyrim. If you killed Balagog inside the inn, drag his body under the bed to hide it.

I'm doing the quest where you need to hide Balagog's body (The Gourmet) but his head is stuck underneath a barrel cause I used an arrow and. The Gourmet, Balagog gro-Nolob, can be found at the Nightgate Inn, either To successfully hide the body in the cellar, drag him behind the. Balagog gro-Nolob is an Orc rogue who keeps a hidden identity as the famous chef called the Gourmet. Balagog was trained in Breton cuisine.

Posts about killing balagog gro-nolob written by auluftwaffles. Balagog gro-Nolob is an Orc secretly hiding out at the Nightgate Inn. The reason he is hiding there is that he is in fact the Gourmet. Famous. I find it funny how choosy the game is about your hiding spot. I was thinking that the innkeeper never moves a muscle and there is another old.