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How to change safari start page


In Safari on your Mac, change the webpage that appears when you open a To simply use the webpage you're currently viewing, click Set to Current Page. I changed my homepage to Google accidentally, and I want to change it back to the default safari homepage, but I can't figure out how. Is their a. In Safari on your Mac, change the web page that appears when you open a new Safari window or tab.

How to Change Your Start Page on Safari. Your Safari start page, or "homepage", is the page that loads whenever you start Safari. You can change this page to. Here's the scoop on how to change your home page on the Mac! As with Safari , to change your homepage in Chrome first open the app. Next. Here's how to change the homepage in the Safari browser. you can go directly to your email provider's page simply by opening up a new tab.

How to use an image as Safari's home page tabs at once on iPhone or iPad ยท Changing where files you download from Safari go on your Mac. How to set home page for Safari on your Apple iPhone or iPad. The Safari browser on the Apple iPhone and iPad always opens the last web page you to choose which page is the first to open when I start the default (and only) browser ?.