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How to find final speed formula


Since the object already had an initial velocity u at the start, that quantity is also added to the increase in the velocity to determine the actual final velocity v. Thus . There isn't just one formula for final velocity. It depends entirely on the specific scenario. I think the equation you are probably looking for describes a body. “Not at all,” you say, supremely confident. “Just let me get my calculator.” You know the acceleration and the final speed, and you want to know the total distance.

If an object is accelerating at a constant rate, the formula for average velocity is simple: v .. To find the velocity, use the equation: Final velocity = initial velocity + . Find the object's original velocity by dividing the time it took for the object to travel a certain distance by the total distance. In the equation V= d/t. If the initial speed is 10m/sec, what is the final speed when it strikes the I used the formula Vf2=Vig(y-yi), where Vi2 is the initial velocity.

i used the W=fxdeltadxcos(theta) formula to find out the work done was but once i have work i dont no what to find next to find the final speed. [Shouldn't there be a fifth kinematic formula that is missing the initial velocity?] to find the final velocity, we will use the third kinematic formula for the vertical.