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How to say cheers in other languages


So, wherever you may find yourself in the world, here is a guide on how to say ' Cheers' in 20 different languages, while the image above shows. Nightlife Guides. How to say 'cheers' in 50 languages . The 10 most delightful foreign words with no English equivalent · Babbel. Jun 1, Gearing up to travel the world? Prep for any bar situation and learn to say cheers in these thirty different languages before departure!.

How To Say 'Cheers' Anywhere In The World. Like Sláinte, “Cheers” in Ireland. After a long journey or a great day, there's nothing better than. When you can say cheers in other languages, you'll quickly make friends no matter where you go. Here's how to say cheers in 50 other languages. Cheers!. Avoid seven years of bad luck, and some social awkwardness, by learning how to say cheers in different languages from all around the world.

Zum Wohl, Prost, Prosit (German). Slainte (Scottish- and I believe, Irish-Gaelic). Iechydd Dda (Welsh). Salut, Sante (French, sorry, cant't do accents on this laptop) . How To Say 'Cheers' In 25 Different Languages! by Tamsin Foy · Published 03/08 / · Updated 03/08/ There is no better way to get to know a person or. How to Say Cheers in + Countries. How To Say Cheers in Different Languages and countries. If you're anything like us, you like traveling all.