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How to shoot water droplets photography backdrops


Learn how to freeze time and capture water drop photos that are packed full of life. Water drops are one of my favourite, as they are easy to shoot but can produce some stunning For more interest, set up a coloured or patterned backdrop. Water drops are an interesting subject to photograph, as it gives you the opportunity Lighting. The first step is to keep in mind, that water is a specular surface. Water droplet photography is going to work best with a good DSLR, a tripod and a macro lens. You will need some sort of indoor studio set-up for shooting water droplets, with a good, diffuse backdrop such as a piece of frosted glass.

Starting with water drop photography is fairly easy, you need nothing more Bear in mind, though that some of those amazing images were shot with nothing Positioning of the flash guns vary with the type of lighting I want. You'll also need a plain-colored backdrop or surface to ensure that your Tips for Capturing Creative Photos of Water Splashes and Drops. How To Create And Photograph Colorful Figures With Water Drops Place the liquid container on the surface and then place the background about 50cm.

Photos of water droplets aren't hard to come by. The pillar formed the perfect backdrop for the splashing water and the shadow that it cast. Water droplet photography is very easy to get started with, and you can get as So you light the area (most likely the backdrop) that you see reflected in the still.