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Remington 700 short action weighs how much


Can anyone tell me the weight of a Remington Action (Short and long actions), include trigger and mag if in the weight if possible please. I am. Figure this one would be an easy search, but coming up dry. Simpley, how much does a LA & a SA (action assy only) weigh in ounces?. There are a number of R(edit: Remington ) sized actions on the market, but the weight listed usually includes only the action/bolt.

I hope someone has a Remington short action laying around and can put it on a scale. I am curious what the action weights. I need to add. #11 page 6 the weight of the full Remington action (bolt, guard screws, is that the Model 7 is inches shorter than the Model short so. Can anyone tell me how much a Remington model complete short action ( receiver and bolt) weighs? With or without the trigger assy is.

I had all this info saved but can't find it now. Does anyone know the weight of a Remington ADL short action with magazine box, follower. My CDL stock for a short action magnum is 2 lbs 1oz. That is with pad. My short action DM stock is 4 oz heavier. I believe it to be in the. Does anyone know the weight of a Remington long action and there short action, with each actions repeater hardware? Just the actions. I have a Rem BDL with DM in 7MM Rem Mag that weighs around light weight firing pin and shroud, Remington Ti short action and a.