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What does coarsened facial features meanings


Coarse facial features or coarse facies describes a constellation of facial features that are present in many inborn errors of metabolism. Features include: large. Phenotypic features of acromegaly include acral enlargement; coarse facial features with Hurler patients are normal at birth but develop coarse facial features, . normocephalic, atraumatic: A physical examination finding meaning that the. Definition. Absence of fine and sharp appearance of brows, nose, lips, mouth, and chin, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) is a growth disorder variably .

English translation:making parts of the face thicker. Explanation: you can encounter such events in diseases as mucopolysaccharidoses. This is because of how the bones of the skull form to create the shape of the skull. Babies' skulls are soft, Coarse Facial Features Courtesy of E. Kakkis, M.D. "Another permanent long-term effect of Dilantin use may be coarsening of facial features or masculinization, which can include thickening of the.

[] Further common findings are coarse facial features, carpal tunnel syndrome, umbilical and inguinal hernia, and hepatomegaly.[] facial. Googling for "coarse-hand" gives this as the first result: "Coarse hand means printing as opposed to cursive writing, in which the letters are connected.". Coarse definition is - of ordinary or inferior quality or value: common. He had a heavy face and a shrivelled nose and thick, coarse, bunched up skin.