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What does pun intended mean


or to emphasize the pun. Usually in brackets: (pun intended) See also: no pun intended npi. Top definition. pun intended Most often employed when a speaker does not trust his audience to recognize the pun on its own. A pun is its own. Is a clarification you make after a remark you uttered that DID indeed contain a pun. You exclaim, "No pun intended" because you honestly did mean to construct . Pun intended means that the joke was a deliberate one. Sometimes authors accidentally do this; that is, they did not mean to play with a word.

The source phrase is the stock phrase - “No pun intended. Yet sometimes people do it in purpose so that the sentence makes sense with both the meanings in. So when someone says "no pun intended," they previously said something that could have been taken as a joke. They're saying that it wasn't. Yes, often "no pun intended" does mean "Ha ha, did you just hear that joke I made accidentally (or at least I'm pretending I made it accidentally).

Question about English (US) | It means when something said has a joke in it that wasn't said to be a joke. For example. Saying a short athlete came u. A pun usually uses a word which can have more than one meaning, even if the spelling is (The joke here is on “no pun intended,” which is said when a person something" means "to do it easily", but 2) the Navy is about sailing in ships. no-pun-intended definition: Adverb 1. Used to indicate acknowledgment that what one has just said, or (less often) what one is about to say, could be viewed as. "Pun intended" "ye mazaq tha", eg " mein tumari girlfriend key saath beach per tha yaar ye mazaq tha" per math ley yaar.