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What is a short scale guitar neck


Although it's very rarely considered when buying an instrument, the guitar's scale length (or neck length) is an integral ingredient in shaping an instrument's tone. While short-scale instruments are designed for smaller hands, they're not the only a neck profile that allows for a proper grip and a shorter scale length, which. Q:What's the difference between long-scale and short-scale guitars, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Henry J. Lewis.

Information on the differences between short scale and standard scale electric guitar necks. 5 Things About Scale Length. Pick up two guitars that are otherwise identically constructed—same neck profile, fretboard radius, pickups and. For the musical (rather than instrumental) scale, see Pythagorean tuning. When referring to Actual fret spacing on the fretboard was often done by trial and error method (testing) over the ages. In other instruments, for example the viola and the electric guitar, the scale of a full-sized instrument varies a great deal.

A guitar's scale length is calculated by measuring the distance from the front as well as help you locate your bridge correctly. Guitar. # frets. scale. Classical short scale. Gibson. /4". ". Long-neck. /4". ". Tenor. There are plenty of reasons to buy a short scale electric guitar. They are The neck is pretty wide, which may be challenging for players with smaller hands.