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What is cell standby on moto x


After updating a previous Moto X to lollipop, my battery life plummeted with the " cell standby" issue. I was never able to resolve it. Cracked my. Type "Lollipop Cell Standby Drain" in google and you will see I have read about how it will decrease standby drain on my Moto X. And now I. I have dealt with this bug a lot. (Moto x gen 1) The good news is that Google has assigned someone to fix it, however right now the best way to.

Anyone with a VZW Moto X who updated recently to having bad cell standby battery drain issues and know of any solutions? I updated. This happened a few days ago but I'm not sure what the cause. I usually put my phone in airplane mode before I sleep. I saw the battery stats, its the cell standby that's using almost all the battery. I turned off the moto voice and moto display, no change. Maybe it.

Hey guys, i had this phone since launch and its been about 2 weeks of me suffering from cell stanby drain. Im currently at 46% plz help im. I have never seen Cell Standby take up so much battery power. And the Android OS And my girlfriend's two year old Moto x even lasts longer. Author Topic: Cell Standby (Read times) My moto x is bad about having cell standby use % of the battery in just a few hours.