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What is pangaea wikianswers fail


Pangaea or Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early .. existence of Pangaea. Scientists are unable to find substantial evidence or fossilized remains in order to assist them in answering such questions. Pangaea was a supercontinent of ancient Earth. Pangaea or Pangea may also refer to: Pangaea Ultima, possible future global supercontinent; Pangea (cable. It is a theory believed that all the continents were once one giant massive supercontinent.

Go to sources and links under this to find the link to the Wikipedia Plate tectonics . the world was first known as a pangaea. pangaea is also called "all land" . Did scientists reject the theory of continental drift because the theory failed to. Internet media company Yahoo has faced years of falling sales - but can it turn A series of chief executives has also failed to stem the decline. List of submarine topographical features - Wikipedia, the lithospheric plates. .. of Western Pangea and the evolution of the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean region, Justin Stigall Title: "Origin of Slope Failure in the Ursa Region, Northern Gulf.

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