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What is the biggest spider web ever


The Darwin's bark spider is small and inconspicuous, but it spins a The web looks like it was spun by a giant spider (Credit: Matjaž Gregorič. The web of Darwin's bark spider is remarkable in that it is not only the longest spanning web ever observed, but is the largest orb web ever. A new spider species in Madagascar weaves foot webs out of the world's toughest biological material, new studies say.

This is important because web-building uses a huge amount of energy for the spider. (Sometimes they eat the webs they're done with, in fact.). A spider less than 2 centimetres long builds webs that span rivers. Created by Darwin's bark spider, a newly identified species, the giant webs are made of the world's strongest known biological material.

Tetragnatha spiders are known to build large webs so they can mate, A huge cobweb covers the vegetation along the coast of Aitoliko, about. A massive spider web first spotted covering several acres of oak-elm woodlands along a Lake Tawakoni State Park trail in early August made.