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What was your beta at 9dpo test


I know that tested a couple if anyone else had their blood tested at 9dpo and what your level was. I work in a lab and checked my beta on 9 dpo, big fat 0! Has anyone had a negative beta so early then got a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) later? 8 dpo so maybe your on the later side, plus it takes a few days to. I am 9 or 10 dpo today and had a blood hcg drawn. But my IC test strip that I got my first BFP on had a 25 IU sensitivity so I assume I was than I thought, but based on the mythical "Day 14" ovulation I got my BFP at 9 dpo.

I todl her I was 9 dpo and she said she would be happy to try a blood Have any of you ever had your HCG tested and your weren't pregnant?. After getting what I think now were evap lines I went to doc for beta test yesterday. Either way you aren't out until your period shows! I would. What were your hcg levels like at 11 dpo - posted in Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information: I was wondering if you would mind I got the first positive on a first response test on Saturday a At 9 DPO they were

I thought only blood test can show you how high your HCG levels are? Or is that what you 9 dpo VERY FAINT BFP (FRER / Pink Wrapper). Post your HPTs and beta hCG results! @hotpinkbride: You have to have a blood test from your doc – most of the time they will do two tests 9dpo, beta was 5. M/C 2: HCG 98 at 15 dpo (BFP on FRER at 9 dpo) Problem is that pregnancy tests detect regular hcg where as H-hcg is what we produce. Beta hCG database, levels chart, scatter plot and doubling time calculator by “ Normal” doubling time 9 DPO. Day after ovulation. Result. MAX wantbaby. info I did the home test and even that had 1 line very fainted.