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What weather symbols mean


When it comes to the various weather icons on your iPhone, you'd be forgiven for finding their meanings a little foggy. So here's some help. The weather icons indicate a different weather condition, like rain or wind. Here's a list of some of the weather icons and what they mean. If you've ever used iPhone's weather app, you know there is an array of emoji-esque symbols available to describe a number of weather conditions. Similar to many emojis themselves, though, it's sometimes difficult to know what all the weather symbols on the iPhone mean.

Apple reveals what the weather symbols mean. Thankfully, Apple (via Metro) has explained the meaning behind every single one and. Yet wherever you are in the world, your iPhone will always promise to bring you the latest weather forecast for your exact area using a total of. weather symbols. clear, daily sunny. mainly clear, daily sunny. partly cloudy. mainly cloudy. cloudy, but lucid. cloudy. cloudy and gray. fog, clear. fog, mainly.

Weather symbols are plotted on a synoptic chart used for weather forecasting, and of rain, snow, cloud and fog are plotted as internationally agreed symbols. His teacher helped him find some images of weather symbols to help him learn A cold air front means that a cold air mass is pushing into a warm air mass. What Do Different Weather Icons Mean? There are several basic symbols which tell you about the changing weather, especially if a storm is.