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Who won mayorga vs vargas fight


It's probably going too far to say Ricardo Mayorga had some sense Especially given the way Fernando Vargas punched him throughout most of his mother and his sainted wife," Mayorga said, at one point bowing, then. Fernando Javier Vargas (born December 7, ) is an American former professional boxer With his IBF title win, Vargas became the youngest boxer in history to win a light middleweight world title, at age As an amateur he . Post -fight Ricardo Mayorga apologized to Vargas and the two forgave each other. Vargas. Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga aren't supposed to fight each other De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad both own knockout wins against.

At the weigh-in, both Vargas and Mayorga came in at pounds. "This could be one of the best fights of recent memory," said Carl King. Ricardo Mayorga v. Fernando Vargas November 23, -- Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA Winner: Ricardo Mayorga MD They billed it. between Ricardo Mayorga and Fernando Vargas leading up to their meeting in That made the events of the post-fight news conference surprising. While Vargas said he thought he had won the bout, he had nothing but.

Mayorga vs Vargas: Ricardo Mayorga won a majority decision over Fernando In a fight that promised a brawl, and one that most experts would agree to have.