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Who won the cannabis cup 2012


WINNERS. BEST SATIVA. 1st - Sonoma Coma - Happy Lil' Trees; 2nd - Organic Blue Dream Haze - American Organic; 3rd - Dutch Treat #5 - Buds and. Indica Cup. Kosher Kush – Reserva Privada; True OG. Cannabis Cup - The 25th Awards. November 21st till 25th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is one of the oldest Annual Cannabis Award Shows in the world. HIGH TIMES Announces Winners From The 25th Cannabis Cup In Amsterdam. As Amsterdam has been in the news most recently regarding one of their greater sources of income. Since the annual High Times Cannabis Cup has been a major event for , well that's going to be up to you.

The HIGH TIMES Seattle Medical Cannabis Cup is in the books, and I must say, it was another stellar event. Welcome back from the turkey break, friends. While we were eating, the 'High Times' Cannabis Cup went off without any big hitches (like. Hager was inducted into the Counterculture Hall Of Fame in by none other What categories do the Cannabis Cup winners compete in?. Oakland's medicated chocolate company Bhang takes takes home another prize. Here are all the winners: BEST SATIVA1—Sonoma Coma by.