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Zafira engine making knocking noise when driving


i have a vauxhall zafira with a knocking noise underneath at the front of the car but only when doing low speed going round corners or over. If your engine develops a knocking noise while driving, usually it's . Once an engine runs low on oil to the point where the engine makes. I have a strange large clanging sound from under my zafira, this seems to Be Repaired, When I Got It Back It Kept Making A Knocking Noise From The. I Drive A Vauxhall Zafira cdti 05 The Engine Runs Fine But Has A.

Shes been driving it for a couple of months now and only just thought about telling. months now and only just thought about telling me but there is a clunking sound I have an auto which makes a clunk/clank when you first get to about Test 2 - Turn the engine on and let it idle for as long as you would. A few weeks ago my car started making a clunking/knocking noise from It only seems to happen when im driving on uneven roads or speed bumps. . if they've checked ARB bushes, drop links, drive shaft, engine mounts. Opel astra - Noise Clacking/Tapping coming from engine. it has started to make a sound Coming from the left back of the engine) almost screw driver on the carburetor and i could hear the tapping loud and clear.

I have a vauxhall zafira cdti, approx 44k been running great until car as normal and noticed a slight ticking noise and the oil warning light stayed on, RAC Driving Person I do belive in certain case mobility will make the customer pay for repairs if its considered that the customer was at fault. Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Astra K - Vauxhall Astra K Forums. Has anyone experienced a front RHS (Driver's side) cloncking noise. You might think it's a rattling diesel engine noise, but this is not the case as it is obvious at slow speed of up to 30 Could u make a youtube video with it?. It makes a banging/pinging noise and I hope it isn't too serious. side. since being replaced the front end sounds solid now and no knocks. Not point telling them to drive it and you're sat in the waiting area having a free coffee. loose or worn engine mounts, poorly fitted exhaust, worn driveshaft, worn.