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There are many varieties of fern that fall into the category of lady fern, somewhere in excess of 160 different species. Lady ferns, like most ferns, thrive in shade and moist soil. They are native to woodland areas where the soil is humus-rich and sometimes boggy, protected from the sun by an overhead canopy of larger plants and trees. While the ferns we most commonly picture have finely cut leaves called fronds, there are many other foliage types. Holly ferns have fronds with broad segments that are leathery, shiny and toothed like holly leaves. Several other ferns have fronds that are not divided at all. Staghorn ferns foliage is deeply lobed and resembles moose antlers. 21 Best Ferns For Containers That You Can Grow Indoors & Outdoors Easily 1. Lady Fern. A finely textured ornamental foliage plant that you can grow in containers easily.2. Shaggy Shield Fern. Also called the Black Wood Fern, this evergreen fern sports medium-sized.3. Scaly Male Fern. This. Indoor Ferns Holly Fern. These kinds of ferns have fronds with dark green leaves, a glossy texture, and prickly edges like holly. Two common species that are commonly known as holly fern are Cyrtomium falcatum in the genus Cyrtomium and Polystichum lonchitis in the genus Polystichum.

The Boston fern is one the easiest of ferns to grow indoors, although it still is a needy species and does not like the initial move from one place to another or from outdoors to indoors. The arching fronds grow in a manner that makes them an ideal hanging basket plant. Rabbit's Foot - Davallia Fejeensis. Although regular fertilization is important, indoor ferns don’t need heavy doses of fertilizer, which may scorch the leaves. Be sure to water well immediately after fertilizing indoor ferns; fertilizer is a strong chemical that may damage the roots when applied to dry soil.

Holly Fern Cyrtomium falcatum Holly ferns are indoor ferns that are easy to grow and tolerate the dry air, low lighting and drafts found in many indoor spaces. They have dark green fronds with a coarse, textured, glossy appearance. The following photos will allow you to identify ferns. Click on image to view plant details. Let’s learn more about growing ferns indoors. Tips for Growing Ferns Indoors. There are a lot of species of tropical and subtropical ferns, but there are also a lot of ferns that are native to more temperate climates. These ferns would be well suited to cooler parts of the house but won’t survive in rooms that are too well heated. Ferns are a group of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. There are many types of ferns. This board is dedicated to all the different varieties in types of fern. Follow this types of ferns board! Types of Ferns to Grow Indoors Ferns are a class of plants that include about 12,000 species in 150 different families. In their native habitats, mosttypes of ferns grow on the moist, nutrient-rich forest floor where they receive little light. Some are epiphytes, nestled on the branchesof tall trees.

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