Umn Type Facial Palsy -

UMN vs LMN Facial Nerve Palsy The muscles in the lower aspect of the face are controlled by the contra-lateral hemisphere however those in the upper have bilateral cortical representation. Therefore in an UMN only the lower facial muscles are involved, in comparison to a lower facial nerve palsy where both the Upper and Lower facial musculature are involved. Jul 18, 2018 · To distinguish clinically between a LMN cause and UMN cause of the facial palsy, a patient with forehead sparing i.e. no involvement to the occipitofrontalis muscle will have a UMN origin to the palsy, due to the bilateral innervation of the forehead muscle. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS UMN-type facial palsy was attributed to involvement of hypothetical supranuclear aberrant corticobulbar fibres of facial nerve which descend down in the contralateral ventromedial medulla, decussate at level of upper medulla and then ascend in the dorsolateral medulla to reach the facial nerve nucleus. If the forehead is not affected ie the patient is able to raise fully the eyebrow on the affected side then the facial palsy is likely to be a result of a lesion in the Upper Motor Neuron UMN. Paralysis which includes the forehead, such that the patient is unable to raise the affected eyebrow, is a Lower Motor Neuron LMNlesion.

UMN facial palsy is usually caused by damage in the middle capsule of the brain. Damage thus extends to include hemiplegia and sometimes affects speech, but extrapyramidal influences remain and thus there can still be involuntary facial movements, for example, on laughing because of. What causes facial palsy? Although the most commonly known cause of facial paralysis is Bell’s palsy, there are actually many different causes of facial palsy, and treatment and prognosis vary greatly depending on the cause. Some of the main causes of facial palsy are listed below: Viral infections such as Bell’s palsy and Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Bells palsy is a type of Facial plasy which is of unknown cause and due to swelling of Facial nerve near stylomastoid foramen outside the skull. It's always LMN type. Facial palsy can be due to facial nerve lesion any where in brain or out side the skulli t can be both UMN and LMN type. Feb 02, 2011 · A variety of neurologic manifestations like cerebrovascular strokes, seizures, headache, cranial and peripheral neuropathies, and cognitive decline have been reported. 2 3 Mononeuropathy, especially recurrent lower motor neuron type facial paralysis is an uncommon phenomenon and rarely reported. We are reporting a case of recurrent facial palsy due to SLE. May 25, 2014 · While the upper face receives bilateral UMN innervation, the lower face receives only contralateral UMN innervation. Hence, there is contralateral facial nerve palsy.

Apr 14, 2011 · Treatment of facial palsy
Eye protection
Specific treatment:
Bell’s palsy; steroids and decompression.
Ramsay Huntsyndrom; acyclovir.
Trauma; exploration and repair.
Tumour; may need facial nerve sacrifice.
Infection; in chronic otitis media need mastiod exploration.
. By contrast, a lower motor neuron lesion to the facial motor nucleus results in paralysis of facial muscles on the same side of the injury. If a cause, such as trauma or infection, cannot be identified this situation is called idiopathic palsy this condition is known as Bell's palsy.

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