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Come what may glee fanfiction kurt


Come What May. Kurt Hummel couldn't have been happier. He lived in the city he adored, had the career he'd always dreamed of, and he was. Kurt accepts with a grin the coffee that Adam is handing him. The boy returns the smile to Kurt and sits next to him in the bench. For a minute he. When Kurt caught sight of it he groaned. "What now?" "Klaine. "But before you can see what the rest of the world sees, you, Blaine, must.

Four years ago, Blaine Anderson broke Kurt Hummels heart when he left. Now a smart and successful lawyer and poised to take over the family. Kurt and Blain reunite to sing a duet for Will and Emma's wedding, but is I strongly recommend listening to the song Come What May before. Kurt is on the run from his mafia boss husband named Sebastian. Sebastian wants Without further ado, here is Come What May. Warnings for.

Mr. Schue's wedding is on Valentine's day, and Kurt is scared that Blaine will bring a date, so he does too. What happens when Blaine doesn't?. Plus I've wanted to write a Klaine fic with Come What May for a while now, so I thought I could put it in this. No, I don't own Kurt, Blaine or Glee. You may be in love with Blaine now,but you could just as easily fall in love with me." Adam and Kurt are a new couple, but they both come with. Kurt called again. This time Blaine could hear the worry in his voice. "Can I come in?" Kurt's voice was barely a whisper and the pain in his.