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Dx4c spektrum how to disable avc


Hello can anyone help me with disabling AVC? I have read and re-read the Spektrum disabling instructions simple as they are it says .. Is the same on my DX4C, but when i use the second bind plug, after the rebind the. The Spektrum™ SRS DSMR™ Surface receiver is compatible with all FUNCTION to disable AVC), the Aux channels will operate as servo channels. The AVC system lets you do that without having to back way off the power. . a DX2E or 3-channel Spektrum transmitter, you can effectively disable the AVC.

Spektrum AVC Setup Car Talk. For those of you using a computer radio such as a DX4C, DX4S or DX4R Pro the .. Remove the bind plug. I've watched the very helpful AVC setup video from Spektrum and read the book from front to back twice, I remove the bind plug and restart the receiver . I just got a DX4C with AVC capable SRS receiver included. The other option is to install an AVC capable Spektrum radio system into just about any By swapping the stock radio system with a Spektrum DX4C Removing the stock components was easy and took only a few minutes.

First and fore most you MUST bind your Spektrum AVC receiver to your transmitter. The receiver will flash a few times, turn off, and then come back on solid.