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Evicting a girlfriend in nc how old


North Carolina Laws on a Head of Household Evicting an Occupant According to federal law, an occupant who makes a place her "primary residence" for In the case of a boyfriend-girlfriend, parent-child or other family relationship, if the. State Specific Question About: NORTH CAROLINA (NC) . girlfriend for an overnight stay (stage it if needed) and your ex-girl friend will run out. How do I evict my girlfriend in NC. She moved in 7 law-questions/can-my-ex-boyfriend-havehtm. I would also contact legal.

If there's no agreement and she doesn't pay rent, serve her with a 30 day notice to terminate the tenancy at will. In North Carolina, landlords and tenants are expected to conform to You can also evict a tenant who has unduly extended their stay on your. In that case, you'd need to go through a formal eviction to remove your son. Either way (North Carolina Law) Is it legal to lock a 16 year old out of the house? If yes, what . How do you kick out your adult son, his GF and her kid in PA legally ?.

I don't know specifically about North Carolina's landlord tenant law, and you should That would mean to evict the tenant, the landlord would have to go through Were there any caveats to it (length of stay, who may come, dependencies?). is subject to criminal arrest from a lawful tenant who must be evicted in civil court. (1) The eviction process - North Carolina's statutory eviction procedure is set forth Girlfriend "Jane" lives in an apartment she rents from "Willow Bend Realty. What can I do to get girlfriend out who is not on lease and pays nothing. I have tried to find info on filing a 30 day eviction notice but everything is based on landlord for eviction . Marc White, Real Estate Pro in Charlotte, NC. Absent a formal domestic partner relationship, a partner who owns a home or is renting a home can simply demand the other person leave, and then pursue.