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How the other half lives photographs


Jacob A. Riis arrived in New York in As the economy slowed, the Danish American photographer found himself among the many other. Jacob Riis: The Photographer Who Showed “How the Other Half Lives” in s NYC. In , year-old Jacob Riis immigrated from his home in Denmark to bustling New York City. In , Riis compiled his photographs into a book, How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the. “Five Cent a Spot” Unauthorized Lodgings in a Bayard Street Tenement. Via Preus Museum · "Mulberry Bend." Via Preus Museum. “Mulberry Bend.” Via Preus.

Jacob Riis: Revealing “How the Other Half Lives” features Riis's correspondence, documentary photographs, drafts and published works. A pioneer in the use of photography as an agent of social reform, Jacob Riis to photograph interior views, and his book How the Other Half Lives was one of. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jacob August Riis () was a Danish American How The Other Half Lives Special Illustrated Edition Including the Author's Photographs [Illustrated] - Kindle edition by Jacob Riis. Download it once.

How the Other Half Lives: Photography and writing [Jacob Riis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How the Other Half Lives () was an. Impressed by the newly invented flash photography technique he read about, Riis In the introduction to the How the Other Half Lives, Riis challenged his. Jul 19, Photos taken by Jacob Riis to bring to light the world of poverty and hunger. Is it any wonder many people migrated westward? In search of a better.