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How to install eibach camber bolts


Note: This is an installation guide for Eibach Camber Bolts. These camber bolts are adjustable to aid in achieving proper tire alignment after. After installing a set of lowering springs in your Mustang, you will notice that your front wheels have a few degrees of negative camber (leaning. I'm talking about Eibach's pro alignment camber adjustment bolts fitting all and . I installed the Eibach camber bolts in conjunction with new Koni struts.

Camber bolts are used on strut suspensions to change camber. On the front of the newer Civics (, , and 12+), the car has close to 0 camber in front. Watch us show you how to install a set of Eibach Camber Bolts on your Mustang!. Precision alignment kits for maximum performance and prevent uneven tire wear. Allows a wider range of camber adjustment suitable for street or track tuning.