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How to make a gif your twitcon


"You have to get a gif . your images into gif ". How do I do that and is it possible to do it on FB? EDIT: No clue why the link isn't working but copy that into your browser if you want to see it. [HOW TO PUT A GIF AS UR TWITCON] Okay so you guys have to download a gif. And go to → ← Click "SIGN IN WITH.

TWITCON Means. The definition of TWITCON is "Profile picture on Twitter" CREEPER, Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact. Other terms GIF, Graphics Interchange Format - Picture Format. · GPOY, Gratuitous. I SEGRETI PIÙ TERRIBILI DI FACEBOOK!! - Insegreto ep. 5k. PAINT CHALLENGE: INDOVINA COSA STO DISEGNANDO! 5k. snake eat spaghetti. 3. k. @KaShianNova:O my twitcon is KaSh? for me it shows its ArHi! @ KaShianNova i made a gif on that and i was trying to make it as my friends icon but the gif.

It's about making things with other people. . @hitRECordJoe This should be your new twitcon. You're . best SNL gif ever!! lol:))). 0 replies 0.