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How to make ovaltine hot chocolate


Snow, snow and more snow means “Can we have some hot chocolate when we get inside?” Many times we make the Hot Cocoa recipe that's. Find this and a range of other Hot Chocolate & Malt Drinks available to purchase Super easy to make and the best bit - it is full of vitamins and minerals, too!. Heat, but do not boil ml (approx 1/3 pint) of milk in a sauce pan. Pour into For best results put 4 teaspoons of Ovaltine in a mug and add hot milk ( ml).

Search. Home · Chocolate/Cocoa/Malt Not Ready to Drink; Ovaltine Classic Malt Mix Microwave: Heat 8 oz milk in microwave-safe mug for /2 minutes or until warm (avoid overheating milk). Add 2 Tbsp Make with 2 tablespoons. Now make with 2 tbsp more serving in each jar! Enjoy cold or hot. Cold: add 2 tbsp Ovaltine to 8 oz cold milk. Stir well. Hot: place 2 tbsp Ovaltine in mug. After that, I added the same spices to Stephens dark chocolate cocoa mix. Yum! Please note, there isnt any tea in this recipe, just the spices that make chai so.

How to make Malted Hot Cocoa dark chocolate chopped; 2 1/2 – 3 tablespoons Ovaltine; Whoppers Chocolate Balls; Mini Marshmallows. Lastly, don't forget all those extra minerals and vitamins that Ovaltine adds - making your hot chocolate or chocolate milk that much better for you. I just wish they. Here is the way to make your nightly cup of Ovaltine even more special.