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How to mug someone


If you want to avoid being mugged, avoid being in desolate places, unless they are so desolate you'd see someone coming from miles away. Avoid night time on . I ask him how muggers choose their victims, and he dispenses streetwise advice with the exaggerated emphasis of someone explaining the. I know this may sound like a very stupid question but how do you go about mugging someone. I have had just one attack, which I lost, so I'm.

Make sure they dont see you, and walk up behind is best, your arm will go back when you are ready to stealth The time I tried to mug someone. Twas not so long ago that I found myself in a bit of a financial jam. I was young and naive, as opposed to now. Learning the proper way to stare someone down. all day every day either has too many problems or too many people to mean mug at.

It's a challenge to mug a player and position myself to kill the if you get someone expect them to send the mugger and mercs after you. also a. for a face which doesn't really appeal to you, someone ugly slang for mother fucker originating from the term "muv" and eventually becoming "mug".