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How to remove admin user on mac


If you're an administrator, you can delete users that you no longer want to have access to your Mac. I hope to be able to solve this issue for you and it seems to stem (in my case anyway) from using migration assistant. If you install the new. Deleting an administrator account on Mac is a very straightforward process. At least one admin account is needed to work installs and manage.

I recently migrated to a new MacBook Pro. The old one was on High Sierra, but the new one wasn't. So I created a temp “admin” account to do. To allow users to log into your Mac OS X computer, create an account for left corner of the window, and then authenticate as an administrator. If you have extra admin accounts on your Mac that you no longer need, then it's usually a good idea to consider removing them and we'll show.

Whether you've been sharing your Mac with someone or just need to tidy First let's dive into how to delete admin or standard user accounts. Just bought a new MacBook Pro. Because my Time Machine backup was taken on High Sierra, I set up a generic admin account on the new.