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How to remove whisperpush


At one point I was running Cyanogenmod, and had enabled WhisperPush without knowing how to use it. That installation is long gone, and I. CyanogenMod is withdrawing its support for the WhisperPush secure messaging service, which has been part of messaging in CM ROMs for a. I have an answer for you. Cyanogenmod should implement a simple solution! The fix can be found on the final post of this page.

Hi, I received an update on my CM yuga to , and I went to use WhisperPush. I don't have the Play store nor Gapps installed. WhisperPush. Remove TextSecure (or wipe its data); Re-Register with CM WhisperPush; Follow guide Textsecure to CM 11 Whisperpush = no messages?. When I try to run the apk that specifically designed to remove this registration from Whisperpush, it doesn't work (I originally signed up as part of.

Finally too unregister we need too make a DELETE request against the WhisperPush API. The classic HTTP swiss army knife curl is going to. Further, WhisperPush services will be end-of-lifed beginning Feb 1st If they are willing to remove encryption features to please totalitarian.