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How to repair bathtub faucet handle


When you experience dripping from a bathtub faucet handle you need to fix immediately to prevent accumulation of moisture in your bathroom that could lead to. Unless your shower faucet is an older two-handle model, it has one of two types of valves: a ball or a cartridge. You can distinguish between the two by the. Read this article to find out how to stop a single handle bathtub faucet from leaking by replacing the O-ring on the valve stem.

fix a leaky bathtub faucet bathtub faucet repair, bathtub plumbing, faucet stem you how to fix a stem-type valve, which is common in older, two-handle faucets. Three-handle faucets have temperature stems (hot and cold handles) and diverter stems. Here's how to repair both: Time: 15 minutes.