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How to say its okay in vietnamese


Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Vietnamese. If you are about to travel to Vietnam, this is exactly what you. Need translate "It's ok" to Vietnamese? Here's how you say it. Learn how to say It's OK in Vietnamese and a lot of other related words. Visit our website and master Vietnamese!.

To say "yes", you will say "D_" in Vietnamese, this sounds like "yah". To say "no" How To: Say it's your birthday in French and Vietnamese. It is used by many Vietnamese as first language and for minorities as a second language. The language boasts a whopping Cam on ban toi khoe - I'm fine, thank you. Do not forget to say thank you after a good service. It is considered good. It is the official language of Vietnam and is also widely spoken in places where the Vietnamese have For example, instead of saying "I think you are very beautiful" to a girl you like, you might say, "This older male thinks . Fine, thank you.

Vietnamese/Common phrases English, Vietnamese, Chữ nôm, Pronunciation . It beats me: Tôi chiụ (không biết); It's a long shot: Không dễ đâu; It's all the same: Cũng Never: Chẳng bao giờ; Never say never: Đừng bao giờ nói chẳng bao giờ Occasionally: Thỉnh thoảng; Of course: Đương nhiên; Often: Lâu lâu; OK. It is simple to say “yes” in English, but complex in Vietnam depending on Okay, to use for all age but only apply for communicate for the closely relationship. O.K. translate: được; tốt. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Vietnamese Dictionary.