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How to sprint faster cycling


Chris Hoy on his way to a gold medal in the men s sprint at the 10 steps to becoming a fitter, faster, better cyclist · 5 steps to recover faster. Even the most "slow-twitch" cyclists can improve their sprinting speed To be a pure sprinter you may need a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Learn basic tips for sprinting on a road bike at are standing and sprinting, you might find that your cadence is getting too fast and your power .

Sprinters, particularly track sprinters, do more off-the-bike weight lifting “The track work was cadence work, really fast pedalling, sprinting in a. It's a natural urge as soon as you start pedalling a bike to wonder how fast you are going. A simple bike computer will allow you to see your max. Going fast is fun, and it can even get you out of trouble once in a while. Let's say the light turns yellow just as you enter a wide intersection. Unleash your sprint.

Since in the group ride or a race you'll be sprinting from a higher speed than your normal training ride, you need to practice sprints from a fast-starting speed. However, I think that my pathetic sprint makes me even more qualified what gear is best for you to accelerate quickly but not spin out too fast.