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How to take the playstation 3 apart


This is a teardown of an original launch 60GB PlayStation 3 system. One of the best To repair your PlayStation 3, use our service manual. a repair guide. To repair your PlayStation 3 Slim, use our service manual. Take apart an old cell phone, microwave, or toy robot. Our free. PlayStation 3 CECHH01 Teardown: Was having heat issues and decided to clean it out. Here's the Use a finger to press the tab next to the medium length screw and lift. The case . This is the second time I've taken this apart. That's why .

PlayStation 3 Slim Top Cover Replacement: Remove the top cover to access your PlayStation 3 Slim's internals. Use this guide to remove the plastic top cover. Is your old PlayStation 3 starting to get loud or slow? It may be suffering from a buildup of dust after years of use. If you want to protect your PlayStation, you may . Rapid Repair shows us how to disassemble the PlayStation 3 Slim in six steps. All you need are two screwdrivers, an exacto knife, and this.

The Fat or Phat PS3 was the first model of Playstation 3 that was released. This system is the most dust-prone of all PS3 models and if you want to keep this.