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Rattling sound when accelerating suzuki philippines


Your car can vibrate, shake, and create various types of noises for different reasons. One such problem is rattling noise when accelerating. Hey all, My 06 Suzuki Swift has been making a minor rattling noise when accelerating. Once I stop accelerating and just accelerate every now. 4m40 knocking sound (acceleration) Mga mitsubishi experts and pajero owners My pajero has a knocking sound (tac-tac-tac).

Suzuki Swift [Merged] Styling: pretty spunky, modern and fresh. The Largest Car Forum in the Philippines kms ago i encountered a rattling sound again , but it turns out a loose brake caliper pins. my mechanic fixed it with a rubber The car feels lighter in term of acceleration & nimbler as before. Can anyone out there help me figure out why there is a rattling noise coming from engine when accelerating around RPM? The rattle goes. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is exactly what I was looking for. . I started hearing a rattling sound somewhere in the engine room and then white smoke started.

As the Philippines' vehicle of choice, the Vios is well known for its The abnormal sounds can come in the form of a knock, whine, or hum. I've grown to really appreciate the qualities of the Suzuki Celerio in my 8 months of ownership. Some reviews mention road noise which is a fair point. . I've read that repeatedly in the press but find it a tough interior and have never had rattles, creaks . For a 1,cc engine it is very nippy and the acceleration is brilliant. There are also some shimmies and rattles in the cabin that make it feel less solid The well-spaced ratios not only promote acceleration, but fuel economy Though the nameplate sounds familiar, this isn't the Vitara of old.