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What does 4pp cover means


4pp A4. A product where an A3 sheet is folded in half to create a multi-page A4 product. Also, a verb meaning to cover flaws in negatives with paint or tape. Produced from a single sheet of paper usually printed on both sides, which is folded in half to make a 4pp brochure or folded twice to make a 6pp brochure. Simple put, it means the paper is the same throughout your brochure. a cover made from a different material would be written 4pp cover +.> wrote in article > or 4ppm? so what's 4ppm then?? I'm sure there's 4pp too! What does 'pp' stand for?? noriko. 1-up – When artwork is supplied 1-up it is un-imposed. Celloglaze – This is a plastic film heat bonded to printed products such as booklet covers, business this means that some or all of the images in your artwork are less than ppi. When creating artwork for folded brochures, it is very important to set the panel in half (4pp A6) - LANDSCAPE FORMAT - (see diagram below), the front cover.

Printed pages or 'PP' or number of printed pages are a constant source eg 4pp, which stands for printed pages, but is in effect the number of 'printed sides'. as throw-outs – where an extra page will fold out from the cover. This is not a comprehensive guide to all things graphic, but a few helpful notes on What is 'dpi' and why should I care? . What does 2pp and 4pp mean?. Looking for the definition of 4PP? Find out what is the full meaning of 4PP on! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and. pp is an abbreviation for pages (plural) eg 16pp brochure - a brochure When you fold it in the middle it becomes 4pp. 16pp means 16 pages This wikipedia link should cover all meanings: