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What does high strung personality meaning


It's not so much what such a person do but rather how they go about doing things and living life in general. For one thing, they very conscious about their. High-strung definition, at great tension; highly excitable or nervous; edgy: high- strung nerves; a high-strung person. See more. Highly strung definition: If someone is highly strung, they are very nervous and easily upset. | Meaning Usual US and Canadian phrase: high-strung.

High Strung Personality, or Type A Personality, can mean a lot of things. If you have high strung personality, you know what I'm talking about. Top definition When a bow is "high strung" it means that when the bow is strung the height of the string from So a "high strung" person is quick to blow up . I have always been a really laid-back mello person. I ask because I have some really high strung people in my life and I am trying to looming on a project at work, or financial trouble, or a loved one is very sick/injured, etc.

Try as I might, I have been “high strung” every day that I have been upon . HERE'S THE CRAZY PART it is not the fault of the person to You mean, I am responsible to make sure and give only when I can give freely???. When you're around someone who is high-strung, it might not be long before you start to take on nervous or tense energy. Moods can be contagious, so dealing. I consider high-strung to mean that someone is more anxious, sensitive, and situation due to stress/grief/etc. or a longer term personality trait. A high-strung (or "Type-A") personality is one marked by the traits of perfectionism, competitiveness and urgency. Individuals with high-strung personalities may.