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What does kalo vradi mean tweets


It is a rich language that boasts samples of written documents dating back to the 15th century. Good Evening: Kalispera / Kalo vradi. Upon leaving someone we use Καλό βράδυ = Kalo vradi if it is early in or a friend and the meaning is to have a nice and uneventful rest of the. Καλὀ πρωϊ – kalo proee – good morning (this is different to the good morning Καλὀ βρἀδυ – kalo vradi – literally “good night time” but used in the I mean, in comparison to what we say in English? Twitter · Facebook.

It is the Greek way of wishing their friends, family and kins a good . Καλό βράδυ - is pronounced "Kalo Vradi" which means "Good Evening". Kalokairi, say it like kalokèri, means good weather, which is the Greek word for summer. Kalo efdomada, have a good week, kalimera, goodmorning, kalo vradi, good evening, although you say this only No comments. The @reply means a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another user in reply to their update. An @reply will be saved in the user's.

(Ka-lee Ev-tho-ma-tha) This means 'Good Week'. "Everyday Greek is full of greetings and well wishes: kalimera for good day, kalo mesimeri. kalispera for good evening when we arrive and kalo vradi for good evening 3 Likes4 Comments. See what people are saying and join the conversation. @KristianKostov_ good night mean kalo vrady in Greek #letsteachkrisgreek #TeamKrisGreece. I've seen it used in two different ways: * It's used as shorthand for "heard through" or "via", when the author wants to give credit to another Twitter user for.