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What is a koonass


A person of Cajun decent usually living within the state of LA. #cajun#often spelled as koon ass#bayou people#country folk#often referred to in a deragatory sense as inbreeds. by JayOhh May 08, Get the mug. Coonass (koon-ass). A controversial term in the Cajun lexicon: to some Cajuns it is regarded as the supreme ethnic slur, meaning "ignorant.

Nonc Helaire. “Censored Cajun Tales For Koonasses Only vol. 2″ Swallow # From the Back Cover: “Old Uncle Hilaire (sic) recalls several leg-slapping. Steve, a country boy redneck from Indiana and I, a redneck Koon ass boy from Louisiana, go figure. Steve was in the U.S. Army and I was in the Marines. journal devoted to the Cajun culture; and he has recorded salty comedy as None Helaire in the controversial Swallow album series "For Koonasses Only.

“Those buffoons can come and kiss my koon [ass]. Can you believe it? Those monkeys believe that a woman's hair, skin, and even her voice is sexually what . “Consult Jahila”, she said Jack THE ACCIDENTAL CODE The Branch of Fate. Sunny. 22o. Koonass WeedWise Page JACK AND THE WEED STALK. crossed in succession the Koonass and Kel Rivers, and on the banks of one of these (my recollection does not now enable me to say which) the troops halted.