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Whats your constitution iq worksheet answers


What's Your Constitution IQ?: Expert Quiz #1. Answers. 1. (a) 2 years. 2. (b) Philadelphia. 3. (a) courts. 4. (c) George Washington. What's Your Constitution IQ?: Expert Quiz #2. Answers. 1. (a) Eighteen. 2. (a) the Congress. 3. (c) the States or the people. 4. What's Your Constitution IQ?: Quiz. Detailed Answers: 1. a. The Articles of Confederation: The Articles of Confederation was in .

The length of term of members of the House of Representatives is? The number of amendments the Congress added to the Constitution in was? a. The branch of government that includes the Supreme Court. b. The Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech and religion. c. The part of the Constitution. Materials: Computer(s) with Internet access; What's Your Constitution IQ? (PDF) the first part of the sheet to review what they have learned about the U.S. Constitution. Quickly review the answers to Part 1 of the PDF, then discuss students'.

"PRESIDENT OBAMA'S FIRST DAY" (Grades ). 7 a.m. wake up; 9 a.m. meet with new advisers; 11 a.m. sign a new law; 12 p.m. eat lunch with the First Lady. Do you understand it fully take up the fun quiz below and see what you know How many total amendments are there to the Constitution? A. Share your Constitution I.Q. with friends and family then challenge them to try their hand Explore to find answers to the Treasure Hunts . An Overview of the U.S. Constituiton Taken from The Constitution for Kids, Also , the law does not specify what the "educational program" should consist of. worksheets . Answer questions about the first ten ammendments to the Constitution.